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About Us

About Us
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Established more than thirty years ago in Klang, J.M. CHONG, VINCENT CHEE & CO. was founded in 1986 by Mr Chong Jee Min and Mr Vincent Chee.

It was not long before both founding partners became well-known for the stellar quality of their work in both litigation and conveyancing and began to establish themselves and the firm as one which never failed to give their best efforts and always went the extra mile for their clients in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Through sheer hard work, tenacity, dedication and continuously being responsive to and prioritizing our clients’ needs, the practice began to expand slowly but surely as increasing numbers of developers, financial institutions, companies (both public and private) and individuals began to entrust their legal affairs to and sought out the advice of both founding partners in matters of increasing complexity.

The untiring efforts of both founding partners, lawyers and all supporting staff for more than thirty years in always providing the highest levels of service and best advice to all clients while at the same time continuously adhering to the noblest traditions and qualities of the Bar have borne fruit and culminated in the firm currently having more than thirty lawyers and a hundred supporting staff to undertake a wide portfolio of work ranging from dispute resolution to multi-million corporate and commercial projects, facilities, and complex agreements.

Our firm has also been at the forefront of numerous innovative real estate projects and the development of many established townships.

The passage of time has not dulled or dampened the enthusiasm and spirit of the founding partners and that of the firm’s lawyers and staff in always being willing to take on new challenges and to adapt to change when necessary.

The ever-evolving legal landscape of the 21st century with its myriad of challenges and changes wrought by the advance of technology has led the firm to expand its practice to incorporate such fields as intellectual property rights and information technology law while simultaneously maintaining our position as one of the leading corporate, conveyancing and dispute resolution firms in the Klang Valley.

In addition, both Mr Chong Jee Min and Mr Vincent Chee have throughout the years been appointed by various public listed companies to serve on their Boards of Directors in recognition of their professional standing and the sterling quality of their work.

Going forward, J.M. CHONG, VINCENT CHEE & CO. will not rest on its laurels. Following the example set by Mr Chong Jee Min and Mr Vincent Chee from the day the firm was established, J.M. CHONG, VINCENT CHEE & CO. shall continue to always go the extra mile for all our clients in order to deliver the best and most innovative solutions to our clients needs by utilizing state of the art legal tools while continuing to maintain and uphold the best traditional values and practices of the Bar.

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